Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow

Glisten and gleam with Stila’s NEW Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow – rich, beautiful color with a high shimmer sheen, minus the glitter! 

The pearl-packed translucent base offers versatile wear.  Apply a sheer layer for day or an added layer for nighttime drama.  A truly unique formula - over 40% water gives a barely-there, refreshing feel and smooth color laydown.  The non-tacky, non-transfer, adhesive base means minimal fallout - no primer needed!

  • Kitten (Shimmering vibrant nude pink)
  • Grace (Shimmering rosey taupe)
  • Twig (Shimmering warm chestnut brown)
  • Jezebel (Shimmering rose gold)
  • Starlight (Shimmering light gold champagne)
  • Cloud (Shimmering lavender with gold pearl)
  • La Douce (Shimmering warm gold green)
  • Pigalle   (Shimmering cool cranberry)
  • Carefree (Shimmering pink coral) - Limited Edition!
  • Bohème (Shimmering pale lilac) - Limited Edition!
  • Freedom (Shimmering pale aqua) - Limited Edition!